3 Great Reasons Not to Go Into a Flooded Basement

3 Reasons Not to enter Your Flooded Basement.

  We know, the first thing you think to do when you see your basement flooded is to panic and try to “fix it.” Weather it Clean Water, Sewage Back-up and Rain Water.  The problem with that moment of panic is that we are not always thinking things through, is it Clean Water, Sewage Back-up […]

4 Things To Do After Fire Damage

Fire Damage - LM Companies LLC

You have experience one of the worst things that can happen to your home or business, you have suffered a fire damage loss.  Figuring out what to do after a fire or structural damage can be an overwhelming process.  Where do you start?  What do you do next?   Here is a quick checklist of things […]

Microbial Contamination

“MOLD” correct nomenclature “Microbial Contamination” it is described as “a darkening area of a substrate” Microbial Contamination, can only be said to be “Mold”, only after testing is completed by a certified Laboratory or Biologist, this will give the appropriate Binomial Nomenclature, ” i.e.” genus and species. Only then, can this be said to be […]