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Understanding Biohazards – A Comprehensive Explanation

Understanding Biohazards

Why is it Important to Understand Biohazards? Biohazards are any biological and or chemical substance that is a harmful to humans, animals and/or the environment. Contact with biohazards can be dangerous to your health and the health of those you love. LMCompaniesLLC is a Biohazard cleanup company and takes the worry out about exposing your […]

Why it’s Important to Review Your Home Insurance Policy Every Year by Adam Costello

Why It’s Important to Review Your Home Insurance Policy Every Year There is no doubt that most people would rather watch paint dry than to read their current home insurance policy…something I completely understand!  Most insureds believe they have coverage for pretty much anything that could happen to their home until they call their current […]

6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer

6 Things you can do to keep your home safer

 6 things you can do to make your home safer right now? Sometimes it is the simple things that can make a big difference.  That is true for keeping your home safer too by making some simple changes.  LM Companies LLC. cares about the safety of your home.  We hope that you will share these […]